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Your home is the most expensive purchase most of us will ever make,so when it comes to renewing the most important room,it is vital to get it right.Finding the right company to do the job,could be,at best, a time consuming task,at worst,a complete nightmare.I dont know about you,but i find searching for products and services a stressful time.

...Pushy salesmen,deceiving 'offers', calls not returned, quotes not returned, appointments missed...i could go on! with todays busy lifestle,none of us need it!

Anyway,lets leave all that unnecessary stress behind:

 My name is John Ritchie,and i own a small cabinet making business,in Tomnavoulin Scotland.My philosophy is simple..treat people like you would like to be treated, and take pride in your work.And while we are on about it lets throw in a bit of common courtesy and politeness as well.....(it's free !!)

My Company consists of

  • A Sales man
  • A Designer
  • A Cabinet maker
  • A Quality controller
  • A Delivery driver
  • A Fitter
  • Administration staff

And yes ,you've guessed it.they are all me !!

I prefer to work this way because the commercial side of the business, is very much a secondary consideration.Working with wood has always been a passion of mine,right back to my school days (the one and only lesson i looked forward to)This is why i find running my business so easy; treat people with respect and do a good job.....Easy !

Wouldn't it be nice to deal with a company who will turn up when they are suppose to, finish the job when they are suppose to ,on budget ! and give you free impartial advice.I will deliver this level of service.

(it's not rocket science!!).

RECENT CHANGES :-  I have relocated to the Scottish Highlands !
However Kent and the South east can still be catered for !

What this means for my customers:

I am still able to offer beautiful bespoke kitchens, and offer a nationwide delivery service.
The kitchens will be a "supply only" service, so you will need to arrange your own carpenters to do the fitting. The only exception to this, will be if you live in Kent or surrounding areas
where i have contacts to do the fitting.